Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The story of William and Jay

William and Jay have been friends since pre-school which is going on 8 years
now. They get on pretty well, I think Will having 2 older brothers is a bit
more willing to put up with Jays silliness more than most, and it's probably
vise versa with Jay having an older brother.

Wil came up to visit Jay for almost 3 weeks over the xmas school holidays,
which Jay was in heavan over as they haven't seen each other in over 3 years.
We picked Wil up off the plane and Wil and Jay headed back to Hodgson with
John, I stayed up in Darwin for another 2 days work.

You know what I got home to - 2 exremely sunburnt boys. They had spent
the day before making a raft at the dam and swimming. John's remark -
they are 13 year old boys" I'm not following them around with sunburn
cream, if they can't do it or think it for themselves at that age they'll have
to wear the consequences". And wear it they did, I don't think I have
ever seen Jay so burnt, his back was such a blistering mess, and his nose
would do Rudolph proud. Will peeled as well, but being a darker skin than
Jay, wasn't as bad. I just shook my head, "men"! The last thing on a 13
year olds brain is sunburn cream, and I would lay a bet if it was the same
situation again this week, even after being so sore and peeling, that they
would do exactly the same thing again! It would cross none of their minds.

Anyway.......... In the photo above is Will and Jay in 2006 and below is both
of them in 2010. I think Jay is about 6 months older than Will.

I don't know what was happening with my camera that day, but Jay almost
looks like he has a halo around his head. Mother sitting here snickering
knowing that is so far from the truth!
Now the shirt - don't you just love it! The story is even better - not! These
darling boys waited until I went to bed, than they snuck out of bed and
decided they would do a bit of tie dying, little darlings. So they got a tshirt
of Jays a blue felt pen and my cooking dyes and proceeded to dye the shirt.
They were quite proud of the job they did, me not so proud. After using up
my food dye and Jay's face and hands being red for days, all I could imagine
when I saw his face was "where did they do the crime!" I was imagining
food dye stains everywhere, apparently they did it in the shower and
apparently their lives were worth living and they knew what would happen
if I found any anywhere, so am happy to say there was not a food dye stain
in sight.

Anyway after all that, and after it's first wash, here is the shirt below! The
only colour that remained was the blue felt pen!

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