Monday, 1 March 2010

America - LA

We stayed on Sunset Blvd in LA, which was great as there was so much
happening right on our doorstep and we only had to walk up and down
the street to see anything.
The restaurants were great, as were the shows. We were pretty naughty
the first night, we went to a lovely restaurant, then after that we of course
had to check out "Hustler" (can't go to America and not check out Hustler,
the boy's reckon), then we conned our way into the House of Blues for

free (I think it was something to do with the Hustlers bags that Fiona and
I were holding when we were talking to the bouncers earlier! Dumped
them at the hotel) then went back in and saw Kings of Leon, couldn't
believe our luck!

After they finished we went upstairs to the Voodoo Lounge were Fiona
tried to pay for her drinks with her Amway card (thought she handed
him her credit card) (Amway's American she kept telling him)
and then into the Karaoke bar, and got extremely drunk on shooters.......
and sang at the House Of Blues in Los Angeles!

Sad to say we weren't picked up by any talent scouts.....

About 3am we stumbled our way back to the hotel, along the way we come
across a cigar/smoke shop, next minute Fiona is inside along with some
pretty mean looking specimens sitting in lounge chairs, picture Black Mafia
looking men, no joke, big black fellas in suits with jewellery hanging off them
everywhere, dressed in suits, even though we were plastered, we crapped
ourselves when we saw what she had walked into, I did say they were in
suits didn't I. She was so drunk, that I think they were extremely
amused by this tiny, spastic Australian woman....
Thank God....anyway she bought some cigars and we continued staggering
and giggling our way back to the hotel, where we thought it would be a good
idea to consume a bottle of rum and smoke the cigars beside the pool!
Paul and John - yes boy's can't you just taste those cigars.

Yep - that's me! What an old tart.....I was just sitting back relaxing!
And enjoying the view.........
What view do you ask?
Well we have got photos, but I won't shock you with those. John and Paul
decided it would be a great idea to go for a skinny dip (it was freezing)
actually thinking about how cold it was, it wasn't much of a view boys. in they hopped, next thing along came about 15 girls and
2 guys all in their early 20's who decided to have a chat to the weird
Australians, can you picture this - John and Paul standing there
naked and Fiona and I laying back smoking cigars...what's that
saying - "Only in America". One of the guys reckons, "Where you
from again!"

Anyway we stayed there until the concierge told us to go to bed
cause we were too noisy.

The next day......

Well let's just say we did not see much of LA!

John, Fi and I went across the road to the Saddle Ranch for a big bfast, took
one home for Paul, but he decided to give it a miss. This is unreal this place,
looks pretty rough, but they do the best meals and are always packed and
it's smack bang in the middle of Sunset Boulevard.

We did the tour of LA, I took heaps of photos of famous peoples houses,
in Beverley Hills which now when I look at them I have no idea who
they belong to. We did the walk of fame, shopped on Rodeo Drive, I
much to Johns disgust ate a cupcake at Sprinkles cupcakes (they're
famous, I HAD TO EAT A RED VELVET CUPCAKE, Fiona made me).

Farmers Market is part of the tour, and I talked the
others going back the next day as I wanted a bit more
of a look.
Food wise it is magnificent - shop after shop after shop.

We had lunch there. Mmmmmm Sushi, Paul say's mmmmm eel.

John with the Hollywood sign in the background. I have better
shots of it, but they didn't have John in them.

Paul singing a song with Elvis and Marilyn Monroe

John with Jay's idol - Bart Simpson

Fiona belting out a song with Elvis and Marilyn

John and I in front of our hotel with some LAFD trucks
in the background

The Famous Beverly Hills Hotel
(I promise you it is)
So that's LA, we had a great time and could of easily spent another few
days there looking around, if we had the time. We had a full day at
Universal studios there which is the next American Post, so stay tuned.
Asta La Vista......

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