Friday, 19 March 2010

Fishing at Minimere

Well here are the promised photo's from Minimere taken the middle of March.
The one above is Jay hooked up to a big barra.

Mark Sullivan having a cast.
This waterhole is only accessible by chopper at this
time of year and it is the only time that you can catch
Barra like this any other time you can fish for
a week an be lucky to get a bite.
I am so annoyed as this would have been a good shot.
My camera had been in the office in the air-conditioning
so when I came out into the heat to take a photo it all fogged up.
It took ages to clear. Here is Mark, Jay and John standing
in front of some barra they caught, they had a couple of the local
lads along with them as well.

This was taken towards the end of March.
This chopper actually went down last week in winds off
that cyclone, no one was hurt luckily but the chopper
was totaled.

Now to fillet.............

The staff kitchen had a good feed and the freezers are full.
We had some last night and we found them a bit weedy
after being used to the sea fish, but everyone else reckons they
are great!
Hope you enjoy the photo's Gus.

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