Saturday, 13 March 2010

War on Debt challenge

Saving today: 10. Went to buy some books off Fishpond as desperate for some reading material, You know what, before I hit that purchase button I thought, why am I doing this, that's nearly $100 for books I will probably read once. I went away and made a few enquiries and joined the remote area library. Free Free membership, free postage to receive and free postage to return, That's over $100 dollars saved in this purchase alone!

Day 11 - Cleaned all the filters out in the air-conditioners so they run more efficient. (I know air-cons aren't SS, but where we are life is not very pleasant without them). We are on a generator, which means we still use the same power regardless of whats on, but if the air-cons are clean they are not drawing more power cause they are having trouble to run, hence drawing less power to run the item and using less fuel.

Day 12 - Friday yeah!! Clean fridges out and find what needs to be used up. Put it all aside to make a big use up stew tomorrow.

13. Free food - we caught over 30 Barramundi in 30 mins this morning, so even though we gave some away to friends, the free fish will last some time.


kirstyj said...

hi kristy:) i love your savings ideas. i'm a simple savings member too! i'm a bit stumped about the whole putting toothpaste on sideways...what's that about?? hey, i got ur december card too a few weeks back. sorry i haven't mentioned it 'till now:( anyway i love it! hope your well. i'm totally jealous of all that barramundi. take care:)

FatGirl said...

Hi Kristy
I do the very same thing with Fishpond :)
why spend all that money on books i can get at the library or if not there secondhand online.

please please please send some of your fishing luck my way, the last 5 times i've been fishing i caught nothing, not even a nibble!