Sunday, 4 April 2010

Card Cased from Beate

Now I am not sure whether I have posted this card or not and it may
happen with a few cards coming up as I don't have the time to go back
through and see if I have or haven't and I am sure some of you card
makers won't mind if I post them twice.
This is another card that my sister and I created/cased at christmas
time and is VERY similar to a card off Beate Johns site. We made a few
little changes as didn't have the same products but it is a really nice card.
Beate also has pearls in the middle of her flowers/aztec things which I
think really made the card and I would probably do if making for a
special friend, but I didn't have enough for both my sister and I to use.
Sniff! Sorry Em I woulda if I coulda! But I think it still looks great.

I am not going to post the ingredients at this stage as as I have said
before I find it hard to find the time to blog and doing this (ingredients)
is so time consuming, I would like to at some later stage come back
and enter them in, but in the mean time if anyone would like to know
of anything about any of the cards please don't hesitate to ask. I am
sure most of you SU people can pick most of them anyway.


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