Sunday, 4 April 2010

War on Debt Challenge

I fell on the wayside with this as we have been in Darwin for the last 2 weeks so it was really hard to keep following it, I did a couple of things in Darwin, but would like to finish the challenge off this month.
14. Trying the chux in the bottom of the fridge to keep the vegies fresher longer.
edited to add this really does work, came home from a 2 weeks in darwin and the strawberries are still fine as is the broccoli.

15. Waxed my own eyebrows.

16. Made some strawberry jam in the breadmaker to use up old strawberries

17. Cut my own fringe, will stop annoying me until I get to town for a cut. I know not a complete SS as will still professionly get it done, but will save money as not as many haircuts. (I only get my hair cut 2-3 times a year so it's not too bad.

18. Well this one is in Darwin - bought water and chips etc for the bar fridge in the hotel as hubby always drinks and eats them and they are triple the price.

19. Darwin - was going to buy a new dress to wear to a big dinner (flash - over 500 people) but ended up realising the one I owned was fine and it was probably a year since I wore it last and no one would remember me in it. (or really care for that matter)

20. Darwin - went to buy the step board and weights for the Wii and then went away first and thought about it. Can't really afford it at the moment, I don't use the Wii fit enough as it is, and my son already owns weights that I can use. So gave it a miss. This happened with quite a few things shopping that week so was quite proud of myself.

21. Darwin - we stayed up there for a work conference, so accommodation and meals supplied, but only if eaten at that hotel through day and re-imbursed meals at night if not eaten there, I made sure we had breakfast there and lunch everyday and if we had a meal out at night we would be re-imbursed, so apart from drinks (which we paid for ourselves) we made sure we didn't pick at food anywhere else and only ate at meal times. Sounds petty I know but it all adds up.

Well that is all I can think of at the moment will have to keep thinking up challenges each day over the next month.

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