Sunday, 27 June 2010

12WBT Challenge

Well I have done it and am declaring on my blog for all to know,
so hopefully it makes me more accountable and less likely to fail,
fingers crossed anyway.
This week I joined the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Trim
Challenge. It is a 12 week challenge to change your body for
the rest of your life. Now I understand it took me a lot longer
than 12 weeks to get like this and it will take me a lot longer
than 12 weeks to get it off! But it is a huge start, the raves
I have heard of this program and the outcomes from people
who did the first round have been outstanding. So I have
taken the plunge to give it a go.
I have got a fair bit to lose and at this stage I don't really
feel comfortable enough on here to post it as such a
different range of people read my blog.

I still want to post recipes and from now on it will be
quite a diverse range, I would like to still post my
cakes, biscuits etc as I really love baking them, and
they are usually made for staff and family, who
all work very hard (physically) so it doesn't affect
them like it does me who sits in an office chair most
of the day. They tend to just eat them for smoko
which is what I cook them for but if I let
myself I would eat them all day. Some would
say why have them there to tempt you, and it
probably is a bit silly, but why should all suffer
for me, but to tell you the truth I really don't crave
them anymore, I actually feel a bit sick after
I eat them, I do admit I love a good pudding
and find it hard to say no, but I now realise
it's portion control and making up for it in
what I eat the next day. So if anyone is
interested in just following this journey
of mine, can go to theside and click on
12WBTC and those that don't
who read my blog can just skim past it.

I really want to do this for myself. I grew up
being very fit, riding horses and playing sports,
but over the years out of laziness I have just
let myself go, a lot of it has been lack of time
as I put so much into my work that it is dark
and I am exhausted by the time I knock off.
I am now going to start knocking off at a
reasonable hour so I can get time to exercise
and time to cook decent healthy meals.
Most of our meals are healthy, but living
on a cattle station, the majority of our meals
is meat.
So my biggest thing will be getting myself
I need to do up a folder that has a menu plan,
an exercise plan, and it will hold healthy recipes.
I need to get up earlier so I can fit 1/2 an hour
to an hour of exercise in and a healthy b'fast
before I go to work, so if something happens
like it often does here it won't be so bad as
I have done some form of exercise for the day.

I am hoping by posting it on here and
getting it out there that I become accountable!
I have started things before and fall off the wagon,
and I know it is just laziness. I know this is it, I
really want to do it this time. I am sick of sore
feet, knees, hips and back. I really need to do
it for my health being number 1, but I really
want to do it for me, I really want to get back
into those nice clothes (and those jeans I have
been carting around for YEARS LOL!)

So as I have said I have joined the challenge.
I actually joined a lot later than everyone else
as I only found out the day before the last
closing date all about the challenge, so I am
actually about 2 weeks behind everyone else.
It took me a couple of days to do my pre-season
tasks, and I still have a couple of things to finish
off on that, and everyone had finished their first
week when I started, so when they weigh in for
the second week, realisticly it will be my first.
I am not letting that worry me, even though it
is a competition I am in it just for me, just losing
5, 10, 20kgs will be such a huge accomplishment!

Todd who is a gym junkie, is going to give me a
hand over the next couple of days to work out
the exercise plan, we are given a complete list
for the training, and even though we are given
detailed instructions, some of it is very foreign
to me. I have got the treadmill I bought a
couple of months ago and my use of this has
been quite sporodic, so that will be used daily!
Jay has got heaps of weights and a bench so Todd
and I will have a go at that this arv and he can show
me the ins and outs.

When I signed up for it the other day, even though
I was sitting in the office by myself, my heart
was beating 100 miles a minute and I was quite
nervous, which sounds silly, but I thought this
is it I have to do it.

So now it's out there for all to see as per Mish's
instruction. I hope I don't pain you all too much
with my journey, as that is what it will be for me
a journey back to a healthier me and I am really
looking forward to it. So stay tuned.

First weigh in is Wednesday......................

PS I have taken the before shots but I think
I will spare you those for the moment!

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Karen said...

GOOD ON YOUR KRISTY!!! I'm so proud of you and I know exactly how much guts it takes to 'put it out there'! You go girl!

I just went and checked out Michelles site an I would love to join to.....I think! lol It doesnt say how much it costs though...would you mind emailing me that info! You can email me from my blog.

Thanks so much