Sunday, 27 June 2010

A Catch Up!

Wow what a busy couple of weeks.

We have been so flat out. It is end of financial year for work
and I will be flat with that for the next week or so and will
be glad to see the end of it all, that's on top of everything else
in the office as well, there just seems to be to much work for
me to cope with lately, when I sit down and think about it
I am probably doing at least 4 peoples jobs at the moment,
and that's in the office alone.

On top of that we had the 2 big bosses on Monday and Tuesday
and along with that the cook decided it was a good time to go on
a binge and not come back and the governess decided Tuesday
was a better day to come back to work than Monday. So I
have been without a cook and a governess. Thank god Todd
is here on holidays and has taken over the running of the
kitchen like he was born to it. And thank god it is school
holidays as Jay would probably be strangled if I was having
to do that as well!

On top of it all I had my 2 office girls Tuesday and Wednesday,
this is training and is pretty one on one, so when you have them
for the day you can pretty well kiss doing your office work good
bye, Wednesday the 2 hospitality girls come out and cause there
is no full time cook I had to go and give Todd a hand with them,
so we had the 4 girls in the kitchen. I left Todd to tea preparations
and got the girls to get in and help me doing smokos and cakes for
the next few days. I was exhausted that night but I think they
really enjoyed it. We cooked a huge fruitcake which when cooked
and cooled we individually wrapped, actually I will have to post
the recipe it is so easy and quite deceiving in it's niceness, I
actually call it my saddle bag cake as having been making it
for years to throw in lunch boxes and saddlebags as it holds
together very well. We also made patty cakes, little caramel
tartd, a big banana caramel tart, a huge cheesecake, some jam
drops, some chockky rocks (biscuits), and 2 large bread and
butter puddings, which the girls thought was strange but after
eating them absolutley loved them as did the men after eating
them that night! So Todd is set up for a few days, even though
feeding 24 people everyday, things don't last too long.

So I was glad to see the end of the day Friday, cause I vowed
I was not doing anything workwise for the weekend, and it
has been heaven, even though I think John and I have to do
our usual Sunday afternoon sit down and plan the week
ahead and this week we need to order a heap of stuff before
the EFY.

Yesterday I pottered it was so nice, I did a clean up in the
morning, read and drank coffee, got my personal accounts
all up to date and played on the internet, it was so nice to
be on the computer and not to be working.
John wants to know why I would even want to be on there
at all.
Today I want to get in and make a couple of big cakes for
Todd so the week is a bit easier, sort some healthy recipes
for myself, maybe at last get some cards made (that would
be a miracle) and finish my book.

I know I shouldn't say this but I am thinking I would like
to start on the blog taking a photo a day, sorta just something
that is happening here on that day, sorta a day in the life.
I just worry as I know how slack I get in finding the time
to blog it, but I would like to give it a try so from tomorrow
I will start.

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