Saturday, 17 July 2010

Photo of the day for Friday

Everytime Todd comes for holidays I keep meaning to get some
photos of him, I know that after the next couple of holidays and
he hits the job world next year, that we won't see much of him.
And as usual it is time for him to go and I still hadn't taken any
shots. They were just about to head out and I raced in and grabbed
the camera, so along to the sounds of John's groaning I grabbed
some shots. They turned out really nice.

Todd did a great job these holidays. Our cook went to town for
the weekend and didn't bother to return, so Todd has spent
the 4 weeks of his holiday cooking inthe station kitchen for
about 20 people and he did a great job. This also gave him
enough wages for the much sort after car. So beware
everyone in Rocky, cause from Monday on Todd will
be on the road.

Anyway well done mate you did such a great job
and we are so proud of you!

1 comment:

kirstyj said...

well now he's a bit cute isn't he?? he has that oh god mum look they get. sons are the best!