Sunday, 25 July 2010

I'm backkkk

You can really tell when I'm busy as I don't get
anywhere near my blog. I spent the week in
the station kitchen as the cook didn't arrive until
Friday arv. What a huge week, my mornings started
at 4.30am and my day finished at about 8pm
which I would go home have a shower
and fall into bed and be asleep by 8.30pm!

I am so glad it is over, even though I did enjoy it,
and the guys obviously enjoyed my cooking as
they asked me to get someone else
in the office and cook full time.
Um......let me think about that.....
No thanks. They did appreciate it though and
thanked me and made me a hat rack for the
front verandah, I was really touched.
So with doing that and the office and having
trainers here for the week everything else
went out the window including my 12WBTC
and my photograpy, so up went the weight
by a kilo as eating what the men were eating
and not exercising. Gotta admit though being
on my feet all day was not good as would be
awake 1/2 of the night with pain in my knee,
which bought back all the reasons as to why
I am doing this in the first place. So after a
day of rest today mainly for mental reasons
so I'm fresh for the week ahead ( a whole week
to catch up on in the office and new govie not
due till end of week) so the day has been spent
doing light house work, and lying on the
couch watching telly and catching up on emails etc...
ahhh heaven.
So up early tomorrow and on the treadmill,
though I want to mix it up a bit this week
and do a bit of walking/running up the airstrip
as having a bit of trouble running and a few people
have told me to give it a try just on ground instead
of the treadmill.
Looks like rain this arv and they are predicting
rain for tomorrow so will be interesting as that is
weird weather for this time of year.
Has certainly chilled things up again.

I have missed a week of photos so will start
from tomorrow instead of trying to catch up
from last week, and I have some great recipes
to post. I think I have to post some of my others
not so fattening recipes as well otherwise you
will be thinking I eat all of this stuff!
I'm not eating it Michelle I promise you!

Anyway here's to a great week everyone
hope you have a good one!

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