Thursday, 16 September 2010

Hi All

Well again it has been awhile between blogs. I have
been so busy and so sick. We have had such a huge
year with training and even at the moment we
have a trainer here doing the hospitality training
with the girls.

I have been so sick the last 4 weeks with a Chest
infection and Whooping Cough and after some
heavy drugs I have been feeling a lot healthier,
but have woke up again feeling chesty this
morning, so just don't know.

I have been doing lots of bits and pieces in
between work at the moment,
with lots of little goodies to show.

I finished the 12wbtc and lost a total of 6kg's
which is nowhere near as much as what I
would have liked to lose, but after being so
sick it has been so hard to get motivated,
but I am determined to do it and have
printed the program off to do it.

John has finally bitten the bullet and ordered
the new boat he's been craving for the last
couple of years and should have it in 1 1/2 weeks.
He's gone with a Hooker again as he loves his
old one, this one is 6 mtr's so we should fit in
it a bit more comfortable. These guys make great
boats and you can check out their site at
Hooker Boats.

I'm heading off to Japan with my best friend Fiona
in 20 days time (not counting am I). Fiona lived over
there and speaks fluent Japanese so I couldn't be
going with a better person. We are giving Tokyo a miss
and flying into Osaka for a couple of days, then heading
to Takayami for their Autumn festival, I can't remember
the names of the other places I'll have to get them off Fi,
but we are also booked in for a cooking course which I
am really looking forward to, looking forward
to lots of things actually eating (love japanese food),
shopping, photo taking, girly time and just chillin!

Another year older on Wednesday, the lovely ladies
on the station had a afternoon tea for me which was
really touching. Thank you so much to Julie our cook
and the hospitality girls, they made the yummiest
chocolate cake for me. Thanks guys you made my day.

We have quite a few woman on the station now and I
try and get us together if time permits every Thursday
arv for a cuppa and a chat it has been really nice having
a bit of female time, with our main topic of conversation
being craft, this year we are all trying to make our
christmas presents and it's been great to throw ideas
off each other.

So stick around over the next few days and as I get a
chance I'll post photo's of all the goodies I have been

Anyway I'm off to do some housework, I figure if I get
most of it done this arv it will free me up for some craft
time over the weekend! (she grins)

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