Monday, 20 December 2010

A giveaway as promised..............

Hair Straightner Pouch
I made these pouches a couple of months
ago as my GHD was getting wrecked
getting thrown in the port all the time.
While I was at it I made one for a
friend and a family member as well.
Would you like one?
I am giving one away and all
you have to do is become a
follower and leave a comment!
That easy.
The best thing I have found
with this is because it is padded
I can wrap the cord around the
handle (not the wand) and
while the wand is still warm,
be able to throw it in the
pouch and be on my
merry way. You don't
have to leave it out of your port
until it's cool.
While I am typing this the torrential rain
is so loud and the office is shaking,
I should have got home before it hit!
Oh well it will be straight into the shower.
Thanks for looking and good luck to all!
Winner will be drawn Wednesday the 5th January.
This was linked to the blog Embellishing Life.


MrsBunch said...

Looks awesome Kristy, would love this one as I have the same problem with my GHD!

Dannie said...

wow! they look bloody awesome and i just broke my box for mine by stuffing the thing inside ggrrrr:-P So i really need 1 pleaseeee!!!!!

Fam said...

cute pouch, what a great idea!!

Out Back said...

Hi Kristy,

I am a fairly new follower of your lovely blog.

This pouch is a really good idea and it looks fantastic.

Take care,


tannygirl said...

Hi Kristy,

What a great idea never thought of making a pouch for my ghd. They are fantastic looking.


Salli M said...

What a great idea. My daughter keeps pinching my straightener, and jus leaves it everywhere. maybe something like this would help it to stop getting wrecked.

Kel said...

What great idea, Thanks for thinking of it Kristy. The pouch looks lovely, and I am enjoying browsing through your blog :-)