Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I heart fabric.............

Just thought I would let everyone know I am still alive. This is my latest
stash of fabric from my last trip to Darwin, I'm happy to say that some of
it has already been used to make some Christmas presents. Will have to
post some pictures.

Also happy to say I got Todd's scarf finished last night and mailed off to
London today so hopefully he'll get a bit of wear out of it. It was only my
second attempt at crochet and I reckon it looks pretty good, after I packed
it I realised I hadn't got a photo, oh well I might see a photo with him
wearing it! He screwed his nose up when I showed him the first scarf
I made and said I was going to make him one but if he's freezing his
arse off and thinks of all the time and love his mother put into it for
him lol he might wear it......

Ok well thanks for checking in.

Catcha later!

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