Saturday, 18 December 2010

John and Gus's Holiday- It was a Jewicide!

It's Jewicide!

John and Gus our brother in-law spent 2 weeks holiday up at Dundee Beach

fishing. They had a ball and Gus got to take 3 styrofoam containers

of fish home for family.

John with a 135 cm Jew

Gus with a 128cm Jew

John with a Fingermark

Gus with a Fingermark and Trout in Front
of the New Boat

John with a Coral Trout

Gus with a Coral Trout

John with a Tripple Tale

Nice Fat Tripple Tale

Tripple Tale action

Gus and Jay with more tripple tale
(I am glad to say Jay has had a haircut since this photo)

John with a Spanish Mackeral

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