Friday, 17 December 2010

Look what I got

Yep it's an I Phone 4, have been meaning to get a 2nd
phone for some time as there is arguments galore
when we both go to town as to who is having the phone,
so I decided this is way to hard and decided it was
about time I got a new why not get
a Lamborghini right!

Still working my way around it, and I think I need
Tilly here my 2 year old niece as she seems to
have her mothers down pat.

Do you have an I Phone? If you do what is
your favourite Apps?


Karen said...

Hi Kristy!

I have an iPhone and while I don't have heaps of Aps on it, the things I downloaded and use a bit are google (gotta blog surf while I wait for the kids to come out of school) and my next fave would be the white pages AP! It's helped me out of a pickle a few times when I've needed a phone number! I'm not really into games and things like that - I prefer stuff that will help me from day to day!

Oh and I LOVE using the calander feature on the phone - I put EVERYTHING in there so I don't forget things! lol


Debbie M said...

Hi-ya Kristy

I have had an iPhone for a while now (would love the v.4...) and there are soooo many free apps that we have a lot of fun downloading, especially games... my kids love it for that reason also! and yes, I download everything... 'cause, why not? LOL
You can download just about anything...I have organisers, grocery gadgets, scrapbooking, etc, etc, etc....

Have fun!!!

Debbie M

Dannie said...

not yet but me and the daughter really want 1 lol... so are they really $999 or can i get them cheapy ?? Have you tried yet to blog from your phone:-P