Friday, 17 December 2010

Oh How I Love Gift Wrapping...........

Gift wrapping, sighh........
Aren't these gorgeous! Every year I
vow I'm going to wrap my presents
beautifully, and every year it comes
around so fast that nine times out of
ten I'm rushing to get things wrapped
so they will make last mail plane before
Christmas that a lot of the time I'm writing
on the wrapping with Nikko pen for whom
they are for......I know I am hanging my
head in shame, I have the paper, the stamps
and the know how, I just always leave things
too late!
Well I still have this weekend to finish
wrapping some, so will try and put a
bit more effort into those - the ladies at
least - do you think the men
appreciate it as much as we do or do
they really not care?
Anyway here is some I have drooled over
on some blogs lately:

Paper n Stitch

Somethings Unique 365

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Gracie Bella Butterfly

How About Orange

If you got to How About Orange's link they
also have a free printable to make the
snow flake.

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