Monday, 10 January 2011

Show and Tell.

Here is a couple of stockings I made for my
neices for Christmas.
This was a rush job as usual but I am really
happy with how they turned out. Over again I
would have lined them, but I thought the towelling
would be heavy enough, but I think lining would
have made them look a bit more finished.
I filled them with presents and had my
fingers crossed that the would actually
arrive in the mail before xmas and
thankfully they arrived the day before
xmas eve.
Emmas said the girls loved them and
had them hung at the end of their beds
for Santa!


Debbie M said...

How cute - what a lovely idea and so glad for you that they arrived in time :)

Debbie M

Jay and Danielle said...

Why hello there Kristy! I got your comment on my blog and I think that is simply amazing that we have the same last name and you have a son named Jay! Kinda funny how we found each other but needless to say I am glad to meet another Geddes :) My husband would be very jealous that you manage a cattle station! He loves that kind of stuff :) Well feel free to follow my blog or email me anytime