Thursday, 14 April 2011


TO BLOGS! AND IT'S PRETTY OBVIOUS IT'S NOT MY OWN BLOG. LOL. I know, I know I have been so slack. A lot of it has been work, but I have to admit I have an addiction to other people's blogs. If I go near my computer that's it I am so hooked and next minute (make that an hour) I look and am shocked at how long I have been surfing! I keep telling myself, there is an hour you could have cooked something, sewn something or made a card.... Is there BA out there? Some Bloggers Anonymous help that I can get to stop doing this. There is so many pretty things to look at and so many wonderfully creative people that once I start looking, well that's the end of me. Ok so here I go again. I have to admit I have made some goodies in the last couple of months and some I have even remembered to photo, so will try and get them up in the next few days, plus I have photos from my trip to Japan I have been meaning to post, thinking of Japan it is all very sad what has been happening over there, and I have some great recipes from some dishes that I have got around to making. Bye for now, Kristy

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