Thursday, 5 May 2011

Oh No..........................

Well this is the view I've had for the last week. I broke my foot on Easter

Saturday, went to ER on Sunday morning and because it was a Public

Holiday until Wednesday, I was given crutches and told to come back

Wednesday to get it plastered. Not good!

Anyway I have been in a plaster since then, I'm due for a check up

next Friday to see if it's healing. It is called a Jones Fracture, which

apparently is one of the worst to heal bones around, as it doesn't get

much blood flow to it. I've been told to stay on my back with my foot

elevated higher than my heart. Yeah right!

Can you imagine if staff didn't get wages, and I seem to keep getting

phonecalls asking if I can do this, can I send that.....

So unless I actually turn the phones off it just can't happen.

On top of that John and I have decided to move on. We have done

what we came to do at Hodgson which was establish a station from

scratch and get it running.

We have a small block at Dundee Beach that we are trying

to do work on, and we are finding it hard to commute, cause it's 6hrs

up and 6hrs back, so there's our weekend gone.

So we have accepted a job at Koolpinyah Station, which is about

4okm's just out of Darwin. So we are pretty excited about

living close to town, and it will be so nice to knock off in the

afternoon and sit on the verandah overlooking the huge lagoon

and have a beer together.

So onto a new chapter in our life.

Now just to pack and shift on crutches................................................

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