Thursday, 22 September 2011

Over a month since I posted....

Well it's just been over a month between posts.  In that time I have had my plaster taken off.  My foot has healed really well and I am now employed with John on the station.  This has been a bit exhausting for me as though my last job was very mentally tiring, exercise was non-existent, then in plaster for nearly 15 weeks!  I have been finding the days really long as you still need to get done around the house what you normally do and be out doing physical work all day.  John's been great with this by giving me a bit of extra time to do that sort of stuff, but I have to admit being unfit as I am I have been exhausted at the end of each day.

Needless to say I have done NO craft and only cook meals, nothing exciting or special.

We have got Todd also employed here now and Jay home on holidays, which is great but the cooking and washing is doubled.

John and the boys have headed to Dundee for 4 days break and to get some fishing done, I've opted out this trip, I was so looking for some me time, plus I am hand feeding a calf at the moment and it saves taking the dogs.  I am actually excited to just sleep in, cook for no one, catch up on all the washing and house work, get some baking done and in the freezer, catch up on my blog :-) , catch up on my card swaps, and get some sewing and card making done..........Mmmm sounds so relaxing :-)

I am meeting Chrissie in town on Saturday for a massage and she's coming home with me for a girlies night and then we are off to the markets on Sunday for brekky and a look, which will be lovely.

I have been slack with the photo taking but will have to start taking a camera with me as I see some great sites.  Keep an eye out over the next couple of days cause like I said I'll be updating the blog!

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