Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Ok here it is........

Well here is the lemon meringue cupcake.

Terrible, terrible photo but they tasted oh
so good!  We had visitors who were
hanging to eat them, so the photo was
very quick.

Now it doesn't look so great, my oven
only cooks on high, so I was hard
pressed to be able to get the meringue
to cook through without the tip
burning :-(

And I should have cut one in half
to show the lemon butter, but like
I say people were waiting.

I made 14 cup cakes and an
apple slice.

Left over about 3 pieces of
slice and 2 cupcakes, between
8 people.  So I'd say the verdict
was they were pretty yummy!

Now to the recipe.
The only thing the same in
the recipe from kokken 69
was the meringue.

I used my basic cupcake recipe
that I use all the time.
Then I used Woolworths homebrand
Lemon Spread.
Followed by Kokken 69's meringue
on top.

Keep an eye out over the weekend
and I will post my basic cupcake
recipe which I have been
using for over 20 years.

So that's the October Pinsperation
Done & Dusted!

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