Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year To All

Well I hope everyone had a Great
Christmas, I know we did.

We had friends fly up from
Pittsworth near Toowoomba in QLD
to spend a couple of weeks with us.

It was so great catching up with the Glasgows
who were good friends of ours when we all
lived in Karumba in the Gulf of Carpentaria
in North Queensland.

Jim worked with my husband on a couple
of occasions, Cheryl taught both of my
boys at some stage and our boys are
all around the same age and all used to
hang together.  Over the years
we have all kept in touch,
especially Will and Jay and I
have posted of escapades from these
pair in the past.

Anyway we split our holidays between
Koolpinyah and the block at Dundee Beach.

Here is our old wagon loaded no jokes to the roof in the back
 and backseat with a space left to fit 2 large dogs (just),
 then loaded the trailer with the quads and swags.
On top of this Jim's car was loaded fully and then
 my wagon Cheryl and I filled
with Groceries on the way out of town!
On top of that Margaret turned up with
her little car filled to the roof with yummy
goodies and Christine and Mark
turned up with Phoebe (Christine's car)
actually  more a mini bus filled with a Queen Bed
I bought and lots of alcohol!!!!!
So we were pretty prepared for the 4 1/2 days
we were spending there and I'm pretty sure
we would have had enough to last us for
a longer period if the so called predicted cyclone
had hit us which thankfully it didn't!  There
was a couple of indepth conversations as
to where we should go if a cyclone hit and it
was decided one of the shipping containers would be the go.
All I could picture was one of these being picked up
in the air and flying around with 12 of us inside.
I think I've been watching too many twister movies!
Here's the Glasgow's
Tyger, Sam, Cheryl, William and Jim
We hadn't seen them since end of 2006 but it was like we had seen them yesterday.
Jim looked exactly the same, boys were so much bigger and Cheryl so much
smaller (well done Cheryl you are an inspiration!) but apart from that so much the
same.  They are the sort of friends that just fit in and we really
enjoyed their company!
Here's us on Christmas day.
John reckons Jay looks nothing like him.  But they say a
picture tells the story.

We have some really great neighbours at the block, and dropping cooked crabs off for us
on a daily basis was part of our Christmas.  This view was a
common occurance and I just had to get a photo of all
chowing down on Crab claws.

Fishing was a daily occurance but they were in short supply.
We had to land fish as with the cyclone hanging around
the sea was a bit rough and dirty for the boat.
The boys got out over the new year period but
fish were in short supply, not sure whether it
was still run off from the cyclone, tides or what.
They caught enough for a feed which was good.
That's Todd above catching live bait with the bait net.
Here is the spot we spent Christmas Eve fishing.
And that is my gorgous husband going for a walk.
This is the mouth of a creek aqnd he is walking towards the
beach and sea.

So as you can see we had a ball with too much
alchohol drunk and toooooo much
food eaten.
Now everyone is gone including my husband who has
headed to Karumba to do work on our
house with Jay.
Todd and I are left here to caretake.
I am trying to find myself a new job and the enthusiasm to
Clean my house, really need to get myself organised
so New Year Resolutions.........

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