Thursday, 13 December 2007

I've been slack!

At least that's what everyone keeps telling me!
I keep checking your blog and you haven't posted
for ages. Must say I have been far from slack,
just haven't stopped at the moment. The first
hurdle was getting all of the school work
finished for the year, and I have to admit
Jay and I did a little dance and cheer session
when we finished that last maths book for the year.
I am so looking forward to Lyn (the governess)
doing it with him next year. But I have to admit
that I really enjoyed it, and if I didn't have
so much extra stuff to be doing I would keep doing it.
Saying that,my hat off to the ladies that do it
with 3 or more kids, you guys need a meddle.
We had what is calles Swim week last week with
the School of the Air. All the kids come to town
and do swimming and life saving activities at the
pools in the morning and in the afternoon they
do other activities like roller skating, movies etc.
Guess who went roller skating for the first
time in about 25 years, yes thats right this fool.
Should have seen the bruises. All the kids thought
it was great that I got out and had a go with them.

Well the house got in! JUST. They had an inch and a 1/2
the night before,then the day they were due they rang
me at lunch and said they were at Daly Waters and were
going to stay the night there and come in the morning.
I don't think so!!!!!!! I told them it might be a good
idea to get their you know whats into gear as the sky
was black and more rain was heading in. So they lead
footed it in and got in late that afternoon. That night
there was another 2 inches!
I haven't seen it yet but John says it looks good.
He's amazed I haven't jumped in the car and driven the
almost 3 hours out there to check it out. Mmmm he
obviously does not realise what I have to do at the moment.
Anyway it's there so that's a relief. So now they are in
the process of joining it all, and that should be
finished by Sunday. Then we have to put in the
sewerage and water, and power etc.
I started packing today, but will put in a big week next
week as I should have the house to myself.
Anyway I will have to put some photos on here when I
get some, that will be depending on whether I have
internet access too,not sure what's happening yet!

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