Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Gift Card for a friend.

I am having trouble uploading my latest Loves Me Set cards, so will have
to give them a miss until I can get them loaded and show some of the cards
I put on earlier in the year.

You wouldn't believe the day I had yesterday.... My son accidently stabbed
me in the leg! We were unpacking a parcel and I was reading the instructions
and he was cutting the zipties off with his hunting knife. Next thing I feel
this excruciating pain in my leg just below my right knee and look down and
there is blood spurting everywhere. He had cut the ziptie and kept following
through with the knife, right into my leg. I got him to grab a towel so I could
stem the bleeding and got him to go find his father. Meanwhile I'm sitting
on the carpet (with blood all over it, sniff) holding this towel on not game to
move, while someone is trying to call on the radio and the phone ringing, when
John got inside to look at it all I felt like was vomiting, so he's racing around
trying to find me something to vomit in (brings me the rubbish bin) couldn't
understand when I said I would prefer a container lol.

The creek to the community had gone down a little bit that morning thank
god and we proceeded to go through water about .6m high for about 5km, to
get to the clinic. They stitched it up and bandaged it and gave me antibiotics
and we hightailed it home as the creeks were rising again.
I felt off for the rest of the day so didn't get too much done and it is quite sore

Now to the card:-)

This is the card I made for a friend of mine recently (Hi Fi). I bought
this stamp set quite a while ago for this sort of card and had never made
a card out of it, it had been calling my name for quite a while, so I thought
it would be great for a birthday card for Fi.
The stamp set is from My Favourite things. All other items used are
from SU.
Inside the card I made a little pocket to hold a gift card.


Debbie M said...

Hi have left a comment on Jan 28th post. Was having a look at your postings that I have missed and didn't realise I wasn't back to the the most recent one LOL - sorry

Debbie M

Natasha said...

Oh Kristy... what a day! At least the Clinic mob are pretty nice (well, they were when I was heading out there). There are a few planes going out there at the moment too if you need to be
e-vacced (not sure how to spell that)!!! Hope you're feeling a lot better soon.
Oh, love the card too! Gorgeous colours

Jean said...

Just love your card Kristy! Heaps of work in that one with all the paper piecing etc - gorgeous!
Sorry to hear about your little accident. Thank goodness we always have choppers as backup now in emergencies heh!
We had 79mls of rain since yesterday - beautiful steady rain too. Our place is going up for auction soon! Crossed fingers - hope someone wants it LOL.