Sunday, 8 March 2009


I know, I've been a bad, bad blogger! I make no excuses, I just haven't been in the mood to post.

I have been very busy with people and also creating, so keep checking over the next few days as I have HEAPS of cards to post.
My sister and her georgous baby just stayed for 2 weeks, and it was so great having her here. I am so missing them. She is keen to do a few cards for herself, so we got in and made quite a few while she was here, so she could get a taste for it and get into the swing of it all. It was flooding the first week she was here and we all headed down to the creek each afternoon for a swim. We were running short on fuel for the generator, so we had to have the power off all day to conserve fuel, talk about hot, so we looked forward to a swim every afternoon.

We drove up to Darwin and I put her on the plane at 3.30am GROAN! Then John and I spent the week in Darwin for a work conference. The days were so long, when you are not used to sitting for hours on end. It was great to meet all of the other managers from around Australia and to meet the ILC staff. Some very late nights were had, and us being not used to drinking anymore, were finding it tuff. LOL!

Anyway back to it all, and it's taken me a week to catch up in both sleep and work.......

So that's the latest. Like a say start checking back each day as I have lot's and lot's of new cards, and I'm going to try and get in the swing of some challenges again!

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