Sunday, 5 April 2009

April Fools!

Well here is the crew ready to head out mustering, this is the first on and
we will start another 5 after Easter.

I gotta tell you about April Fools day, it was so funny. John told all of the
fellas that Adelaide office had organised a busload of female Uni students
to drop in and camp the night and see how an aboriginal station is run.

Well you should have seen them. First thing they asked was how old would
they be? I said that they'd probably mostly be under 30. So off they went
talking and laughing and giggling between each other.
Next thing we look around and they are washing down the verandahs and
wiping tables and mowing lawns and all getting their best clothes on.
It was so funny....
John let them go all day until about 5 pm before he told them all it was
an April Fools joke. I think in some ways they were relieved as they
were all worrying about what they were going to tell their wives and
girlfriends. LOL!

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Leah said...

That is so good. Thanks for the laugh.