Monday, 6 April 2009

Makeesha's Inspiration Challenge #6

Makeesha's Challenge

Well when I first saw the challenge I thought well that's not my cup
of tea. LOL
Just joking. I went through my stamps looking for a cup one, but
couldn't find any, then I came across Maude, and I thought that's
it, that's just so how I feel this week.

Actually the first thought when I saw the picture on
Makeesha's blog was friends.
Isn't it funny how people interpret things. Anyway there is
nothing better than sharing a cuppa with a friend.

I so feel like Maude this week. My husband and son
went up to Dundee beach for a camping/fishing trip,
I thought yay the house to myself, I can stamp all weekend,
eat what I feel like, sleep when I like, clean when I like, etc, etc.
I have been soooo crook. I just have the worst headache,
sore eyes, sore throat, sore chest and now have been
vomiting all afternoon. Sniff, Sniff. Yesterday
I forgot to fill the generator and after it ran
out of fuel and I refilled it, it wouldn't start.
Lucky I knew how to start the backup generator,
these are BIG generators girls and are pretty
scary when your on your lonesome.
So then I had to get a mechanic
out to fix the main one and even he had trouble,
but it's going now thank god.

So Maude!

Anyway back to the card, I felt so much like Maude,
right down to the wrinkles, and what about Fannie,
don't you just love those stretch pants, (I know all
about that as well) (sitting here laughing)..........

Well of course I had to pick these stamps.

There's that cup. This set is from Art Impressions and always brings a smile to my face.

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Then I was putting my new stamp sets away and look at what I found!
A little cup from the new SU set It's a loop thing.
This was made on a little gift card using the pumpkin Pie DSP from the old
catalogue. If anyone needs anymore info on any of the cards, flick me an
email, cause I'm about to hit the couch!
Check back tomorrow, I have some easter things I've been making.


Debbie Pamment said...

Love your Maude card - it certainly put a smile on my face - I sooooo can relate - LOL

Amber said...

Love the coffee card.

Leah said...

I think we all have our Maude day's. She's so fun.

Makeesha Byl said...

I hope you are feeling better! I LOVE this Maude of yours, and can toatlly relate! Very clever way to make the fence too! Love it! THanks for playing! Love Keesh x