Saturday, 16 May 2009

Another Swap

Well as you can see this swap is very similar to Todd's card of which I
used for one lot of swaps as I really loved it, and as the second swap
was to different people I thought while I was on a roll and everything
was out I would do this card again. When I got the email with
finalisation on the card, Damn! I had to add a some DSP from the latest
catalogue....... Well didn't that put a spanner in my works. LOL!
Anyway after a bit of thought and a look through my papers, this is
what I came up with. Doesn't look too bad, does it. There was only
one thing wrong I noticed after I took this you see what
it is?

I forgot to colour the nostrils and teeth, which makes a world of
difference. I did go and do it and I couldn't be bothered taking
another photo.

Hope everyone enjoys the cards. It has been so much fun receiving
them in the mail each week.


Leah said...

Thanks for your swap.
I love it and that set. It's now moved up my wish list.

kirstyj said...

Hi Kristy, when i saw this 1 on ur blog i was sooo hoping it was for may swap. woohoo was very pleased when 1 arrived in the mail yesterday:) thanks heaps, kirsty.