Friday, 15 May 2009

You Rock Todd!

Oh my god, my baby is 16 today!
Here is a photo taken of him in Darwin Hospital at 3 days old, 16 years ago.

And here is a photo of him now, taken by his grandparents whom
he boards with and goes to school in Rockhampton.
I've got to say we are so proud of the young man he's turning
into, and it's amazing how quick that 16 years has gone.
Todd if your reading this I hope you have a great day with
your mate Sam (wagging school) and hope you have fun at
the party tonight. Try not to be too noisy or get up to too
much or you'll give grandad a coronary..........
P.S. Don't let Sam light the bonfire. LOL .. Just joking Sam.
No really, don't let him.....
Todd here is your birthday card!
See I did make you a card, but the mail plane came early and didn't let us
know, so you won't get it for a few days. I even had this made a couple of
weeks early, ready to mail.
I loved this card so much I used it in a couple of swaps lately for
a card using new stamps from the new catalogue. I also used it in
a KW challenge in a previous blog and changed the colours.

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