Monday, 25 May 2009


Sorry to those that keep checking in on me. I just have not had the time to make anything at the moment to post. I made my May swaps on the weekend and that is all I have had time for, and looking at other blogs, it looks like everyone is in the same boat at the moment.......

Anyway I had a bit of a thought this morning, that until I get a chance to whip up something new I'll post some of my old cards that I haven't posted before, which are mainly pre-SU and some of my old scrapbook pages, so then at least I don't feel so bad about having nothing to show.

On the home front, we've started the first round of the mustering for the year and we've already got about 600 weaners, we still have another 3 or 4 paddocks to do. Staff is constantly going walkabout, which makes it hard. We have about 10 training people due here for meetings and signups this week, which will be fun as there is a funeral at Jilkminckon this week, so we will be very lucky if most of them turn up from that. So for the trainers it will be welcome to our world.
We have a friend of ours, Bonnie Young staying with us at the moment, repairing saddles and doing leather classes with some of the fellas which they have enjoyed. Bonnie was 4 times All Round Australian Rodeo Champion in the 60's. Some of the older men here are in awe of him and it is quite funny that asked if he and they can get dressed up for a photo before he moves on.
He is 72 now and would have to be one of the fittest 72 year olds I have ever seen.

Anyway I have to head off to work now, will take some photo's at lunch time of the promised cards and pages so I have something for ya all to look at this week.

Have a good day everyone,

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