Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Off to the zoo....

Here is the other card that Lyn and I had a play with on the weekend. This
is another that I received in a swap lately from Brenda Fry and felt compelled
to make one. Lyn wanted to send hers to a little girl, so we changed all of the
colours to pinks and purples.

It is really hard to photo, but you obviously have the front cage then in the
second box we put a purple crocodile (see lots of those around) with grass
behind and stamped leaves above. The back "cage"has a pink elephant and
a palm tree made by using punches. The front of the "cages"is cut out using
a tag punch. What a clever lady Brenda is. Of course because Lyn was on
the make we had to add purple and butterflies.
It was great fun making something different, and I can see little kids loving
these diorama cards.

Here is a view from the top showing the pink elephant and the trees and
flowers. We sponged a sky behind the elephant as well.

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