Sunday, 13 September 2009


Well I think the title says it all!

Man we have been so busy. I have been spending long days in
the office, usually over there at 7am and home about 6.30, on
top of that we have a constant stream of work visitors through that
by the time you get home and cook tea for everyone and clean up
you are just falling into bed..........(lets just say I am looking forward
to the wet season). So after days like that on the computer I just
can't even stand looking at it when I get home!
Added to that there has not been a lot of time to craft, and the
only things I have been doing are swap cards, I have to make double
this month as will be away all of next month. Also have been trying
to put myself together a travel journal for my holiday, but really
finding it hard to find the mojo for it, but I think if I put the effort
in I will be really glad I did at the end of the holiday.

I am so counting down the days, for a start I am the big 40 on
Tuesday, I remember when I was young, thinking that was so
old, but I am actually looking forward to it. I only wish I was
heading home to have it with my twin brother, but cause I
talked my husband into the overseas holiday this year I can't
afford to do both.
Oh god! I just counted the days and it is only 25 before we
fly out. It keeps going around in my head what I still need
to get done before I go, mainly just work and housework wise,
I'm not real concerned on packing as figure I'll only take 3-4
outfits and if I need anything grab it over there.
But, the govie (she's a gem) is staying in the house for the
3 weeks looking after Jay, so me being the virgo that I am
would like to have it spotless before I leave (even though
she see's it everyday anyway), and I usually like to have
the freezer full of meals, even though she likes to cook and
I think enjoys cooking in my big kitchen instead of in her
cabin, but that's just the way I am!

The holiday - I am sooooooo excited!
Fly out of Darwin at 1.10am (groan, yawn), Todd will be with
us to Brisbane which works out great, as he will be flying
back to school, so we'll stick him on a plane to Rocky,
and meet up with our friends Fiona and Paul Langsdorf,
these guys are so much fun and we are so looking
forward to travelling with them, we are hoping we don't
let them down on the partying scene, as living in a dry area
(as in illegal to drink alcohol) we only have the odd drink
now and then when we stay in Darwin for a few days,
and we are really cheap drunks now, one drink and we are
pissed, should make for a cheaper holiday! LOL!

So we fly out and land in LA then taking a shuttle to
Anaheim, were we will do Disney for a couple of days.....
I know no kids, but you can't go to America and not do
Disneyland. Then we head back to LA for 3 days, looking
at doing Farmers Market and Grove Mall (gotta shop),
and also Universal Studios, we are staying right on
Sunset Boulevard which should be great, and the house
of Blues is straight across the road which should be
good, after that we fly to Austin Texas for a couple of days
and a look around, not sure what we'll see here but a friend
said it is definatly worth a look, I think John would like to see
the Texas Rangers hall of fame, we will then hire a car
and drive up to Waco Texas for 4 days, there is a big
county fair and PBR rodeo final there, so should be great,
and John and I are on the lookout for new hats and boots
for work (might have to mail those home), then we drive
up to Dallas early in the morning and look around, then
fly out late that night to VEGAS! for 4 days, we have
hired a 2 bedroom suite at the Mirage so that will be great
then hire a car and drive to the Grand Canyon and stay
the night at a hotel on the rim of the canyon, drive back
the next day via Hoover Dam and then fly out that night
to San Diego, stay there for a couple of days, just looking
around, not sure we will do the zoo or Seaworld yet,
thought we might just wait and see what locals have
to say about it and what they suggest doing,
then hire a car and drive up the West Coast, checking
out all the beach towns along the coast, up to San Francisco
for a couple of days, doing Alcatraz and Yosemite, then flying
out via Sydney back to Darwin!

Whew! I'm tired all ready just writing it down.
But I am getting so excited.

Anyway just thought I would do a quick catch up,
hopefully it will be a lot sooner before my next post.

If anyone reading this has travelled to the States and
has any suggestions that would be great!

Better get back to my cooking - doing a big bake up
so there is stuff for Jay and Lyn, but also cause we
have 4 extra people staying for work a few days
before we leave and it would be nice to be ready
and not in a panic.


Natasha said...

Happy, happy birthday!! And a super special one to celebrate too!
You're holiday sounds awesome - looking forward to hearing about it when you get back.

Karen Robinson said...

Wow Kristy, Happy Birthday!!! Good on you for embracing the big 40!!! Your Holiday sounds awesome - I'm so jealous!!! Can't wait to see some pics and hear all about it! Take care & Have a great time, Kaz xx

Mel Hanlon said...

Happy birthday Kristy!

Some news for you - we are heading back to the NT in the new year! So we will be able to catch up again and I can see your photos in person!

Have a great holiday!