Friday, 19 March 2010

Universal Studios Hollywood

I've had the photos loaded for this post for some time, but haven't had the chance to get in and blog about it. Universal Studios, well what can I say - fun, fun, fun. It was quite cool the day we went as you can see by the jumpers, LAians kept saying it was weird weather for that time of year.

Paul and Fi how romantic - heading towards Marvel Mania
Mmmm Fairy Floss -wasn't a great thing to eat when you were heading
for rides was it John.

I had to take photo's of this as it was one of Jays favourite movies.
Same with the one below, they have the cars on hydraulics to make them
look like they are rolling and they have flames ets going around them while
the show is rolling.

I'm sure you have all seen this on some tv show at some time, it is very well
done as we are all sitting on these trams and then next minute this comes
for you.............
And you think, uh oh.....but it all levels out and runs under the tram.

There is heaps of different things as you go through all the movie sets and studios.
Wisteria Lane, they weren't filming Desperate Housewives that day
so we got to drive around the usually closed set. I think the above
house is Susan's house.
It is a pretty street, it has all the houses in one street and even the park
they sometimes show on the show as well. You know I am racking my
brain to remember whether the houses were just fronts or full houses.
It's funny, but a lot of the buildings here and Disneyland that aren't
just fronts seem to be offices.
This was a big plane crash scene, which I can't remember which movie it
was from, it wasn't Lost. It's unreal it looks so realistic.

This of course was the shark out of Jaws, they still have all the
original sets and cove from the Jaws movies.
Crusty the clown - had to take these shots for Todd and Jay as they
are avid Simpson fans. The Simpsons ride was unreal - you go in
and sit in this box like contraption and then it goes out through a
door, you then have this massive screen in front of you, which is
made to feel like you are sitting on a rollercoaster ride, the box
actually only sits in the one spot but is on hydraulics and goes up
and down and all over the place in time with the film, that you
actually do feel like you are running a roller coaster, I think this
is where the fairy floss finally made itself known as John quickly
slipped off to the toilets when we came out and I have to admit
it made me feel a little off as well.
This was a big show they put on based on the Kevin Costner movie Waterworld.
Very spectacular and you sit there and think wow these guys have to do this
twice a day, everyday.
More from Waterworld.
This photo was for Jay, jay has always had an issue with Zombies, even though
he is fine with them now, but it has always been a bit of a family joke, so I had
to get John to get this shot for him.

Don't ask me who this guy is, but he's definatly cool right! He was
taking a photo of a big group of them and I asked him if he would
like me to take the photo so he could jump in, which he thought was
so nice of me! I know right I am so nice! (This is fe rubbing off cause
she spent the whole holiday taking everyones photos for them), and
I now find myself doing it as well, cause it is so nice for everyone to get
a shot together isn't it. Anyway after I took the shot he and John
decided they wanted a photo together! Okay....
So that's Universal, I took lots more photos, but this blog would go forever
if I posted them all. I really can't say which ride I enjoyed the most for
the day, they were all pretty spectacular, the Jurassic park one was
pretty good, but at the end we got absolutly soaked, which pissed us
off a bit, specially when the weather was cold, and then it was a real
lightbulb moment why a heap of people were wearing raincoats on it.
Duh! I think they'd been on it a few times before!
The mummy ride was really good as well, but a bit short.
We had a really great time, and one hint for those that go, buy a
fast pass they are so worth it.

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