Monday, 3 May 2010

New walker, swap cards and house work

Well today is a public holiday here, but I need to get the wages done and a few other things at the office done as well, so will kiss most of my day off goodbye.

I got my new walker on Saturday, I know we have a million acres why do I need a walker, well with all the rain here in the last few months you walk up to your knees in mud, and with all the fresh growth there is grass seed, spear grass and burs everywhere, and flys flys and more flys. That's my excuse anyway lol, I figure I will be more inclined to jump on and watch some telly if it's sitting in the lounge. Anyway I set it all up yesterday and I was looking at it last night and it has a shelf on the front for books or magazines, and I thought, yes I thought that would be great to sit the lap top on, so that's what I did this morning, my laptop sits upright on it, and with a couple of the red rubber bands from the post office holding it in place it worked perfectly, so now I can check emails read blogs etc while I walk along. I did 2k's this morning without even thinking about it. So this is the start of trying to get healthy again, I am hoping to do 2k's in the morning and 2k's in the afternoon and building up to more each week, I have to take it steady as the knee I got operated on a few years ago, starts paining too much when I do too much too quick.

Wow this housework is endless isn't it, it is so hard to keep on top of it when you're stuck in an office everyday, and after constantly coming home to a mess I am now seriously thinking boarding school next year! I did the pantry clean out last month and did the lists but am yet to type up, I laugh at blogs that have a statement that they will not get take away for a month, they will cook every night! Oh to be able to get take away once in a blue moon, that would be heaven, to not have to cook every single meal...........................I get so sick of it and just to be able to ring up every now and then and get a pizza delivered.............bliss! I spose it makes us appreciate it more when we go to town, but admit a lot of out now we reckon is just Blah! tends to be greasy and repeats on you for two days after.
John got thrown off a horse last week and hurt his knee and broke a couple of ribs, so he has been in a fair bit of pain, not a lot you can do for broken ribs. His knee has come good, but I would say he'll have to be careful on it for awhile as I would say he has stretched the ligaments (take my word for it I am an expert on leg injuries lol) the rib pain is pretty bad, and he can't cough and can't sneeze and we are not aloud to make him laugh, you know the story get the violin out.......................sorry, I shouldn't be so mean, but after hearing about how bad it was for a few days and knowing that there is a clinic only 6km's away that could look at it for him, well to tell you the truth I just didn't want to hear about it anymore, plus I was worried because it was work related he really needed to get it checked and noted if something healthwise affected him down the track because of it. So he finally went and got it checked and without xrays can't tell 100% the extent of the damage but can definatley feel a couple of broken ribs. But at least now he has some pain killers which has made a huge difference.
I have got some swap cards due, 3 months worth to be exact, hangs head in shame. I know if I just sit down and do it I will have them done in no time, but we have been so flat lately I have found it really hard to find the time and by 8.30 we are all looking for bed. So I sat down yesterday to make a start and the first technique I had to do was a bleach technique, I thought easy! I'll have these whipped up in no time. Sat down with the bleach to stam the couple of things that I was going to stamp with the bleach...........nothing....a tiny little smudge of lightening and thats it, so tried it on a couple of other base colours, still nothing, I don't know whether it's the bleach White King or what it is, but dissapointed, something that looked easy has now become a hassle..............any suggestions from any others who have tried this technique. Let me know. Anyway I better get up to the office and get the wages done. I have a great quiche recipe that I made yesterday that I will post later.


Melissa Antolovic said...

I find bleach gives a good result (white) on the pretty in pink cardstock

kirstyj said...

Hi Kristy,

good to read your blog for a catch up!
With regards to your craft troubles...Bleach should BLEACH anything! lol Different cardstocks will bleach a different colour - for example black will sometimes turn orange! too much bleach and i'll just make a hole - but nothing?? that one's got me stumped - maybe your bleach it too 'posh! lol and has some other chemical in it.
Take Care,